Miriam Centre opened its doors in Orléans, in July 1988. The founding group wanted to offer life-giving options to any person facing a difficult pregnancy. At the heart of this group was Pierrette (Penny) Dagenais, foundress of Miriam Centre. She was the director for seven years. She is always dedicated to the Centre and serves as a volunteer in many activities that maintain its vitality. Since 1995, Sr. Rita Lacelle, Daughter of Wisdom, Penny’s sister, is the director.

The services at Miriam Centre are free and confidential. They are bilingual: English and French.

Staff committed to the Centre

Over the years, several persons have worked as staff members. We are grateful for their contribution.

Dee Simons
Evelyn Hollinger *
Roxanne Briand
Sylvie Bozozuk
Lise Lagroix
Gabrielle Leblond
Shirley Hayes
Lucille Surette
Diane Morissette
 * Evelyn was interim director for a one year period.

Why is it called Miriam Centre? In the Bible, it was Miriam who stood beside her brother Moses whose life was in danger. Placed in a basket, on the bank of the Nile, Moses was saved by his sister Miriam. In the same way, Miriam Centre’s mission is to protect life.