The Foundation is an autonomous organization, with its own Board of Directors, whose sole mission is to help Miriam Centre meet its financial requirements

By virtue of its constitution, and acting as an endowment fund, the Foundation considers the donations which it receives as a permanent capital asset; only the income produced by the investment of this capital is transferred to Miriam Centre.

In other words, while donations to Miriam Centre are used to cover ongoing expenses, donations to the Foundation are an investment in the future of Miriam Centre; among other things, donations to the Foundation make long-term planning much easier, as they guarantee that funds will always be available to finance at least some of the work done by Miriam Centre.

Both types of donations are a great help to Miriam Centre. Some people direct their donation to the Centre, while others prefer to donate to the Foundation. Some choose to donate to both. It's all a matter of personal preference.

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Planned giving is another—and increasingly popular— way of helping charitable organizations. It consists in making arrangements for a charity to receive a more substantial gift than a donor would normally consider.

Planned giving commonly involves donating money (or other assets) in a will. It can also mean transferring the ownership of a life insurance policy to a charity. In all cases, there are tax benefits, as for any donation to a registered charity, and these benefits can be significant.; In the case of a new policy with the charity as the beneficiary, for instance, the donor receives a receipt for the premiums paid each year; in the case of a policy for which premiums are still being paid, a tax receipt is issued for the value of the policy at the time the gift is made and are also issued for premiums paid in subsequent years.

A planned donation to the Foundation is an efficient way of making sure that Miriam Centre will have in perpetuity the means to continue its work and, as such, it is a powerful encouragement to the devoted staff and volunteers who are the heart and soul of Miriam Centre.

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